Uh-oh. Thud.

So last night when she's supposed to be "sleeping like a champ", Elsa took her socks off and threw them and her penguin on the floor. Thud. It was the first time she even tried to climb out of her crib. And she made it up and over with a crash landing and no tears, just waiting for someone to come in and help her and her penguin out of a jam. We got her settled back in and ten minutes later she was up and over the wall again.

She's been pulling out all the stops at bedtime: "kiss Rody", "more cuddles", "another book". Is there something that happens around 21 months that makes the little ones put up the fight at bedtime?


  1. The fight for my Xavier started two weeks ago at 6.5 months, when he went from happily sleeping at 7 or 7:30; to crying from 7:30 until I put him in a sling at 9 and take him for a half-hour hike.

    My mother enjoys telling of how my many crib escapes resulted in 9 (nine) dislocated shoulders; after two or three they stopped taking me to the doctor and just reduced them at home.

  2. Our Ava (three on 09-17) has been in her big girl bed for months now. She was excited at first, but last night she put up a mighty struggle and went on and on about how much she hates her bed. The wife and I have been having some very frank discussions about how we can have some time for ourselves in the evenings and still:

    Spend some QT with Ava
    Get ourselves and Ava fed
    Get Ava bathed
    Read Ava books

    All between 5:30 and 8. Anyone wondering how time flies so quickly when you have children need look no further than that after-work period.