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Little o'alls, lookin' good, over at Your Old Pal, Jim.

The kids stay in the picture

20 min.

10 min.*

8 min.

3 min.

8 min.

All photos: Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present — portraits by Marco Anelli. ©2010 Marina Abramović from the MoMA flickr stream.

*Five-year-old Spencer Silverman got a round of applause after MoMA security got him out of the chair at the request of his parents (who maybe should have gotten a few boos). After his sitting was asked: What were you thinking of while you were sitting? Answer: Godzilla pictures. Spencer later told his father that he could have sat for "25 more minutes."

“Children’s menus are the death of civilization.”

Read: Looking Past the Children's Menu by Susan Dominus

NY Times 5/24/10 via South Willard

Elad Lassry, 2007
Joanne and Trace, No Distractions

Lassry’s photographs play on such conventions as the still life, the family portrait and the headshot. When using images taken directly from other sources, appropriation is used as a means, rather than an end... Lassry co-opts Life Magazine’s "Amateur Faces" First Prize winning photo for 1970 — "When Kent Barton, a 28-year-old North Miami art director, couldn't get his 3-month-old son Trace to sit properly for a formal portrait, he asked his wife Joanne to help, and made this picture.”

Elad Lassry, 2007
Joanne and Trace, Well Kept

Text: Cherry and Martin
Images: David Kordansky Gallery

A Lot Of Crayolas

Awesome prints by Mickey Myers published in 1979 by Choice Editions — spotted in the wild on Yokoo's flickr.

Daddy Longlegs

This (looks awesome, and) is showing at IFC Center.


Immagini Della Realta
Bruno Munari
Danese, Milano, 1977

"40 cards with photographic images to learn about the different ways of representing objects"

More/via: the awesome Stopping Off Place

Working Class Family

Oscar Bony, 1968
La Familia Obrera

Luis Ricardo Rodríguez, a pattern cutter, and his wife and son were hired by Bony and paid twice the minimum wage to sit as an installation in La Familia Obrera. An audio recording of their everyday household life was playing in the background.

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