Wanted: a royal blue Oilily dress from about 2003. It had a crazy cheeseburger pattern all over it. Can't find an image anywhere.

The Sierra Range

This 1990 poster by Charley Harper is available three ways:

$85.00 from this etsy seller
$50.00 from
$10.00 from

I Need All The Friends I Can Get (1964) —

Happy Birthday R$.

Some names from the deep branches of my family tree:

Miles Green
Wilkerson James
Adkin Christopher
Thomas Wesley
Jack Ervin
L. S. Silas
Hamp Cleveland
Ruby Mae
Maude Mae
Sampson Davis
Jasper Tillman
Ada Lou

Thanks Mom!

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Coyote watch. Photos by Ben Ferencz.


In the 60s and 70s, you could get by on very little money. And, so, people had time. I mean it was kinda like a bubble or just a brief passage in time when there was so much prosperity in America that if you lived simply you could survive on very little. So people had time to explore things and learn new things.

Lloyd Kahn from this video.

c. 1982

Small Victories —

"Where are we going?" he asked as I helped him put on his shoes.

"Nowhere, "we're just walking."

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A few years before I was born, my dad placed this classified ad to sell his car. My mom reports that "he actually paid $1400 for it, and when we sold it for $1600, we thought we made a good deal."