Making a Horse With Dad

I remember talking to him about my drawings and art. He preferred our abstract works to our realistic pictures and discouraged figuration, which is silly - children want to be able to draw things that look real. He wasn't very understanding of the little girl stuff: that's why you have a mother. But the best project we made with him was an amazing life-scale horse. Little girls love horses, and what could be better than making a realistic, life-size horse with your dad?" —Rebecca Smith on her father David Smith

Read more: Making a Horse With Dad, Tate Etc., August 2006

Candida and Rebecca Smith's bedroom (c.1962), photographed by their Dad. Top: Rebecca and Candida plastering a horse (c.1961), photographed by their Dad. ©Photographs: David Smith ©Estate of David Smith

Rick Pohlers Rocker

Solid cherry and leather rocker by Rick Pohler. Originally made for his own kids (in the mid-1970s of course), now available at Objects USA.

Happy Father's Day

• Slept in until 10am.
• Chocolate croissant and bacon in bed.
• Rad card.
• Sing-a-long with Elsa to "Sloop John B".
• Drum-a-long with Astrid to "Wouldn't It Be Nice".
• Cooling off in the kiddie pool.
• I smell a chocolate cake.

Hope you all had a good one.

What to write in a card for Mom:

You have sparkly eyes, red hair, a lot of freckles, red lips, shiny eyes too. And most of all: Mommy, a beauty queen.

0-100 Editions Spring 2010 issue

Tierney Gearon (above), Elinor Carucci, Margaret Durow, Justin Waldron, Debora Mittelstaedt, Cristiano Guerri, Daniel Shea, Erik Osberg, and Amy Stein.


For Sale

28995 Lansing Rd.
Dyersville, Iowa USA


By Allison Schulnik for Grizzly Bear

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The roses at Huntington Gardens. Photos by YHBHS. Jinx.

Antanas Mockus

"When women complained that they didn’t feel safe after dark, he [Bogotá mayor Antanas Mockus] organized several women-only nights. Men were encouraged to stay home and take care of the children while the women could attend free concerts around town."

Antanas Mockus’s Despair / Brave New Worlds [Walker Design]