Baby PT, Benny Boy & Sir Hayes Sweetshirts

From, which is not the same as

Vintage Community Playthings kitchen
Vintage feedsack dress by Elsa Bloom.

ADO dollhouse furniture by Ko Verzuu

De Stijl style c. 1930
From marktplaats (250 euro and still going)


Set of four size 0 Casalino kid's chairs: ended at $102.50 (ebay). Quadruple damn!!!!

Damn! Double damn!! Triple damn!!!

Kristian Vedel adjustable child's chair ($60.00)
Pair of French children's chairs a la René Herbst (71.00 Euros)
3 Vintage Casalino kid's chairs by Alexander Begge ($71.00)

Missed them all.


Handmade children's chopsticks from Sagami.


George Nakashima, Dad

On left: George Nakashima and his daughter, Mira. On right: Mira Nakashima putting her doll Moya to bed in a doll-size version of her own bed made for her by her Dad while they were living on the Raymond Farm in New Hope, Pennsylvania. May 1945.

Photographs by Gretchen Van Tessel from the University of California's collection of War Relocation Authority Photographs.

RIP: Vintage for Kids

Vintage for Kids will be closing at the end of the month.

Oscar Tuazon Cardboard dome

I saw this three years before my daughter was born, but knew right away that someday I would build one for my own kid.

Oscar Tuazon
Coming Soon, 2002
Artists Space

Child Tender

c. 1800–1850, Eastern United States, Pine. According to the Henry Ford Museum: This device kept the young child safely restrained so the mother could go about her work.

More: Henry Ford Museum, Dieter Roth's Kúlan Shop, Ineke Hans