Dear Son,

Just a few words on the eve of your great adventure for which you have trained yourself and anticipated for so long — to let you know that we all share it with you, vicariously...

To M. Scott Carpenter (Letters of Note)


Louise Bourgeois, The Woven Child, 2003
Six pages, each 11.25 x 9 inches

There and Now —

Linus Bill, 2007
Please Merry Me
Published by Nieves

Linus Bill, 2011
Portrait of the Artist
Silkscreen on paper

Nanna —

Nanna mobile app was created privately for a family in Los Angeles. The app was tailored for 4 nannies, 7 kids and 5 parents to communicate and exchange alerts and updates. The parents can track categories such as pickup/dropoff, calendar, medication and finding playmates. At the end of the day, nannies can summarize all the entries and send to the parents in a formatted email. As part of my research, I spent 3 days with the family to observe in their natural environment rather than in a formal research setting.

Whoa. Nanna Project by Jackie Ki.

Bunker Hill House


A 140 m2 house for a familly with two children. Pine and polished concrete floor on the first floor. (Länna, Sweden, 2005).


via Design Community


On the other side of me was a line of pale Puerto Rican boys wearing identical white T-shirts, dark workman trousers, and black hair greased into ducktails. They were small and compact and gave the impression of stillness, and as I stared at their uniformity my heart quickened to realize they were girls. Eyes on the floor, shoulders hunched, they filed past, except for one, who pushed her hands into her pockets and gave me a look I had no way of categorizing, other than to know it made me jumpy and breathless.

From The Queens of Montague Street by Nancy Rommelmann.