Made in Finland

Disk Game

Porvoo Beeswax Crayons

Red Sotka Chalk

Who Will Comfort Toffle?
by Tove Jansson

From Kiosk (until December).


Howard "Sandman" Sims vs. Dr Huxtable

Flickr, Babble, Assholes...

over at Sweet Juniper.

Dutch's latest wrap-up of the flickr/babble headache is worth reading if you have any interest in photography, flickr, blogs, blogging, assholes, The Internet, lurking, corporate bullshit, copyright infringement, cute kids or their awesome parents.

"Children's Chair with Drawer"

Lot 609, Phillips de Pury, 9/30/07

One hundred 1.25" cubes

Cubed blocks, made in USA.
About $24.99 from Camden Rose.

Thanks Mom.

Photo from amishas flickr.

Today's Princess

Butter at the Minnesota State Fair.