Prototype knock-down children's furniture designed by Ken Garland (1968). Photo: Design Council (VADS).

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Crib ("cot/bed/table/chairs/desk/sofa") by Abracadabra, 1985.

Source: Design Council (VADS)


"...what I really love is how you can tell its the streets of NYFW when you see both birds shoes behind him. That woman in the grey jersey dress that looks like its stretched to its fullest was purdy sexy busting out of that dress. She is/was? pregnant. Hope she is and her baby (to be?) are healthy and happy!" —says/via Mister Mort


"Just another Sunday here at Libros, where two teenage women hopped out of a waiting minivan. We opened the door, and one asked for How to Kill a Mockingbird — we obliged by giving her the book. Her companion asked for Like Water for Chocolate. Within one minute both jumped back in the vehicle, and their mom drove off."

Libros Schmibros is a lending library/used bookstore for Boyle Heights. 2000 E. First St. Los Angeles, CA 90033. Summer hours: Mon., Wed., Fri., from noon til Vin Scully signs on.

via: South Willard

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