Luigi Colani "Rappelkiste" Bunk/desk/storage

Luigi Colani, 1975
Furniture for Children "Rappelkiste"
162 cm h x 187 w x 82 d
Made by Elbro, Germany
Beech and plywood

From Quittenbaum "Design Made in Germany" auction.

Blue tape painting

A "blue tape painting" in the hallway outside of Elsa's room. We've been working on it for a few months, a few minutes at a time. She requests a "little one, great big one, skinny one, or triangle one" and I cut each shape to order.

Alphabet by (awesome illustrator) Joe McLaren

Apple; brick; cell; door; egg; fire; gravestone; house; iron; jam; kite; leaf; mound; novel; oak; pear; quiver; rock; skull; twine; urn; vase; wagon; xylophone; yacht; zither.

From Joe McLaren's flickr. Click here to see more of his stuff.

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$245.00 at Mode Moderne in Philadelphia.

Kid-sized "Butterfly" chair, after the original by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy. In great shape with original canvas seat with a few tears — a perfect template for sending off to your local harness-maker for leather replacement.

Workshops about Art and space

Jordi Ferreiro designs and leads workshops for kids to make art in and about space. He sets them free with rolls of colored tape, the same he uses in his own work. About his workshop at the Centre d'art La Panera in Lleida, near Barcelona, Jordi says:

"The kids was freaking out because they never have ABSOLUTLEY FREEDOM for drawing in the space, without paper and with the 3D possibility. They starting making really small rubbertape drawing, and later was have been constructing houses, spiderwebs... really really cool!"

He's just as excited about his next workshop "A Floating Exhibition" where "the parents and kids must work in [with] balloons and when they are finished, we leave it away in the sky, like a museum in the sky..."

More photos from the workshops on Jordi's flickr and website.

Nice for a play room

I think this is from an old NY Times style section slideshow.

Yep, architect Richard Rogers designed a 2,800 sq ft glass cube on top of a Shoreditch warehouse for his son and his family. The fresh conversation pit can be seen from the street. Thanks Greg.

Hello San Diego

The non-profit Gluck Child Care Center is unloading "numerous sets" of Community Playthings wooden blocks. The place was opened in 1993 so the blocks are probably in pretty decent shape. They are asking for any reasonable donation. Call (858) 455-5220 and ask for Kristy or Kirsten. via craigslist.

Coming soon in "winter 2008"

Scandinavian Design in the Doll's House 1950–2000
Ulf Beckman and Yvette Wadsted
ISBN 978-91-85213-17-7

This book takes you on a journey through changing trends in post-war Scandinavian interior design, reflecting the Nordic way of life that has influenced interior design through-out the world.

Starting in the fifties with the influence of Carl Malmsten, a style eminently suitable to reproduce in miniature. In the sixties, the main influence came from Denmark. Brio marketed a miniature selection of furniture from Fritz Hansen scale 1:12.5.

Three internationally well-known Swedish toy makers Brio, Lundby, and Micki built electrified dolls’ houses from the early forties, the two-storey structure is based on houses commonly found in Sweden. A selection of wall-papers found in these dolls’ houses from different periods are also shown in this book. Enjoy!

Published by Arvinius.

"Learning about Sizes" 1965

From thisgirlhere's flickr.

House for Kids

The dads at House Industries (of the Alexander Girard alphabet blocks) must have private school tuition bills to pay, because they're pushing their new t-shirts for kids. Nicely inked up by the boss' daughter and available here for $25.

The Baby's Room c. 1930

Found photo on Karen Horton's flickr.

July 1959

eBay: HOUSE BEAUTIFUL 1959 DANISH MODERN ISSUE EAMES with a nice red Kristian Vedel (manufactured by Torben Orskov) childs chair on the cover.

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There once was a Bear named Pierre

Original Richard Scarry art on normanhathaway's flickr.
Buy it here or here.