Wearing and weaning at Gravel & Gold.

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I picked this up at Wafflish Waffle. Photo/via: Bird & Banner. (Antonio Vitali coat hanger; one of three picked up on eBay a few years ago.)

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Exceptionally cool kid's bike. Cantilevers on 22" knobbies. We put on new tires, tubes, saddle, some cables, tuned it up. Very cool. No matter how cool kid's bikes are, they just don't sell. This is half the size of an adult's bike but is the same quality and much rarer but we will have to wait a long time to get $150 for it. Unless you are a very discerning parent...

Coco's Variety
2427 Riverside Drive
Los Angeles, California 90039
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We visited Lucas and Kaori at Knee High's office located in a converted house in Shibuya as they were winding down for the new year holiday. They have the rare good fortune to possess a garden where they cultivate herbs and vegetables and relax under maple and persimmon trees where the noisy mejiro, a lovely white-eyed green bird, feasts off the last of the year's fruits. We were especially interested in listening to their experiences as partners running a small business in Japan.

We met up with Mike and Yuri at their shop in Kyobashi, a sober, no-funny business neighborhood wedged in the shadow of Ginza, Tokyo's commercial bright star. The shop is a fully-realized distillation of Postalco's elegantly utilitarian sensibility... The contrast in settings between shop and studio seems to highlight a good balance in their approach to work: their ability to unify what they want with what they do and to craft a lifestyle that works. It's nice.

Watch and read more about the husband-and-wife teams of Knee High Media and Postalco: here (Tramnesia)

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