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Illustrations by Rob Dunlavey:

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Enzo Mari's Studio

I've been working on a little something with Apartamento magazine. This time it's just for kids, but you'll have to wait until issue #4 launches in October.

Photo: Marco Velardi

Naming the Beams

"Every day, children who come to the clinic write their names on sheets of paper and tape them to the windows of the walkway for ironworkers to see. And, every day, the ironworkers paint the names onto I-beams and hoist them into place as they add floors to the new 14-story Yawkey Center for Cancer Care."

boston.com via Roberto Greco

Searching Snails Short Stack

Elsa was looking for snails and finding the biggest rocks she could throw. I was finding the smallest rocks I could stack.

Mama, You're Coming Home

Today was my wife's last day of work. Now it's full time with the girls. It was ten years on that job, and all the time taking care of us with grace, beauty, kindness and patience.

This Boy's Life

Art Espenet Carpenter house.
Photo by Fred Lyon for LIFE (Dec. 9, 1966)