New Balance

Beautiful mobile made by Brett Cody Rogers. Polished brass rod, painted and unpainted linen, string and brass grommets.

via Ready for The House

Wave Hill Rietveld Chair

They've raised the prices on the "signature Wave Hill gray" children's chair to $100. I should have got one when they were $65. The unpainted version is $80. The adult chair is $200. "Shipping may be as high as $150."

Wave Hill Public Gardens
Bronx, NY


"Have you ever seen a cow-roo?"

"No. What is it?"

"It's a cow. With long ears. And he wears a hat. It's got little short fingers and tiny finger nails. And a baby raccoon on its back."

Update: It has fifty legs and a band-aid on its butt.

Racing, Stripes

Fransje Killaars, 2007
Installation: Figures, Colors First


Carry on wayward daughter

Carry On Wayward Son; YYZ (youtube via Tagbanger)

Off to feed the ducks

At Buttermilk Falls Inn there's a duck pond, organic vegetable farm, llamas, chickens, peacocks; a good breakfast, porch swings and a really nice spa. With kids, they put you in one of the (more expensive) cottages rather than in the main house. After a day of driving, walking in the woods and all over Dia's 240,000 square feet of exhibition space, it's worth it.

At a playground in Högbo, Sweden

Photos by Elisabeth Dunker, from her blog Fine Little Day. Classic Swedish characters from Inger and Lasse Sandberg's books.

Naptime at Dia: Beacon

Lawrence Weiner, 5 Figures of Structure, 1987
Andy and Elsa, Nap, 1.5 hours


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$3.00 per square foot (cheap!) at Restore in Philadelphia.

Kutztown Knows How to Party

The Kutztown Festival was kind of a bust. The kids play area was closed because there were a few clouds in the sky. And the horse-drawn carousel was three dollars per person per ride. I had my hopes up — for better food and maybe a new Amish-made belt.

We saw some nice animals though, like Hilly and Billy here. There were piles of vintage Casalino chairs everywhere and lots of nice hand-painted signs. The wood and limestone carver even had this nice bag stamp with the kid's intials.

But I taught Elsa how to sing a little bit of "California Love".