Klein Tools Bag #5156

I'd like to work with Klein Tools and create a diaper bag.


photo from mfree's flickr

Ado Nesting boxes

Designed by Ko Verzuu for ADO Speelgoed c. 1930.

This kids chair is just about perfect

ADO child's cabinet

Designed by Ko Verzuu for ADO Speelgoed c. 1930.

Behind the Glass

BBC Children's Workshop, 2004 [John Morgan Studio]

Space Rocket, 1967

The inside of the Polypops Products foil-coated Space Rocket has been printed with dials and circuits. [Design, 1969 via daddytypes]

"Kinderbuch" by Dieter Roth, 1956

Kinderbuch, published in Reykjavík in 1956. An edition of 100, 25 of which were signed and included perforations and die-cuts on its 28 letterpress'd pages. Click here to see the book at Roth's Kúlan Shop in Reykjavík.

Photos from Boekbeeld via Daddytypes; Dieter Roth Foundation.

Creative Playthings Plywood Chair(s)


FROM: Roth Time: The Art of Dieter Roth, furniture and toys designed by Dieter Roth, 1961.