Flexagons, Creative Playthings

The Flexagons building toy was likely designed by Arthur Carrara for Creative Playthings. See also: Oscar Tuazon cardboard dome


  1. Hi Andy,

    Nope, not Carrara, but another architect active around the same time. Fred Bassetti of Seattle originally produced and sold Flexagons under his own company, Forde Corporation. Sometime in the mid 1960s, CP acquired the patent and reproduced the set with different sized and colored panels.

    Amy O

  2. The triangle is a frequently used shape for toys.

    - Charles Eames 1951 (The TOY)
    - Fred Bassetti 1960 (cardboard)
    - Bruno Munari 1961 (Aconà Biconbì)
    - Triquo 2010 (plastic)

  3. Yes, Amy O is correct -- the toy in the photograph was developed by my father, Fred Bassetti of Seattle. And, as she said, Creative Playthings picked it up in the 60s. There were triangles, squares and pentagons, made out of stiff paper (lightweight cardboard), and held together with rubber bands. Until his recent death (at age 96), he hoped someone would pick up the idea and recreate the toy in plastic. -- AnnB

    1. bought a set of these with my own money when I was 9 or 10 at a resale shop in the 70's . . . wore them out but never forgot them .. just the name .. . wish I could find a set to show and share with my daughter . .

    2. I have a set from my father in law, also an architect in the 1960's. No box, just the cardboard shapes and the directions.

    3. Happy to sell if you are interested.