Making a Horse With Dad

I remember talking to him about my drawings and art. He preferred our abstract works to our realistic pictures and discouraged figuration, which is silly - children want to be able to draw things that look real. He wasn't very understanding of the little girl stuff: that's why you have a mother. But the best project we made with him was an amazing life-scale horse. Little girls love horses, and what could be better than making a realistic, life-size horse with your dad?" —Rebecca Smith on her father David Smith

Read more: Making a Horse With Dad, Tate Etc., August 2006

Candida and Rebecca Smith's bedroom (c.1962), photographed by their Dad. Top: Rebecca and Candida plastering a horse (c.1961), photographed by their Dad. ©Photographs: David Smith ©Estate of David Smith


  1. They look like they're enjoying it.

  2. This is so wonderful, I wonder if the horse is still around, what a great piece of art, and what a magical childhood .... I'm so interested in them now, must look into them more, thanks for the tip !!!