Homes for the holidays

A boy standing in a house he is making out of straws.
Photograph by Peter Stackpole, May 1956 via LIFE.

A little girl looking into a modern doll house being sold at F.A.O. Schwarz. Photograph by Herbert Gehr, 1940 via LIFE.

Staggeringly Awesome

Aichi Children's Center
Aichi, Japan

photo: Luke Fischbeck
previously: Sumi Ink Club mobiles (11/07)

Kiosk Mini-Exhibition #8: Reference Library

Buy It Now: Apparel, Architecture, Art, Bags, Beautiful, Bikes, Blacksmith, Books, Case Goods, Clever, Collections, Custom, Details, Display, eBay, Etc, Fabric, Family, Food, Friends, Furniture, Girls, Graphics, Handmade, High Bidders, Home, Industrial, Interiors, Items I Didn't Win, Kids, Lettering, Lighting, Made in the USA, Misc, Music, Objects, Paper, People, Playthings, Products, Shopkeeping, Shops, Signs, Small Town, Storefronts, The Quality, Useful

November 28–December 7
Opening party on Friday, November 28, 7–10pm

95 Spring St. between Broadway and Mercer
Second Floor
New York, NY 10012

Window Water Baby Moving

"Stan Brakhage's Window Water Baby Moving (1959) is the only film I've seen of childbirth which makes sense. It has genuine, uncanny, visceral poetry. It tells the truth. Be prepared for its frankness." —PN

via Peter Nencini's new blog Camberwell Illustration


Part of the invitation for birthday party for Ruby (2), Elsa (3) and Sadie (4). We're making pumpkin cupcakes and a piñata today for tomorrow's party. Last RSVP count: 65 kids!

PARTY UPDATE #1: On the way to the party, Elsa refused french fries and said her head hurt. (I thought it was the cupcake and spoonful of frosting talking.) Ten minutes after arriving at her own party, I was cleaning Elsa's barf off the floor. All her friends are going wild with the Rock School DJs and she's home sleeping if off. :(

POST-PARTY UPDATE #1: Elsa slept it off for an hour then we headed back to see her friends at party central. She worked on a donut and stayed close to me on the dance floor. An hour later she was running and chasing and partying like it was her birthday. We got cleaned up, packed up and back home before Game 4 traffic made me sick. Before we got in the door, I could feel Elsa burning up and she was asking for her pajamas. Ten minutes later she was asleep in my arms on the sofa. An hour later I was cleaning apple cider barf off the living room floor. Now, after bath and Tylenol, cuddled on Mom's lap watching penguins dance.

Illustrated by Richard Rosenblum

A nice find on Book By Its Cover. The Bright Child’s All American College Coloring Book — illustrated by Richard Rosenblum. Julia bought this one but left behind (!?) four other copies of this beauty. According to one of the commenters on BBIC, Rosenblum was "a high school classmate of Maurice Sendak’s and wrote and illustrated lots of books including Brooklyn Dodger Days, Tugboats, My Bar Mitzvah, and The Golden Age of Aviation."

What's that? That's the sound of everyone googling, eBaying, and searching abebooks for Richard Rosenblum.

via Book By Its Cover

Three Years Old



Dog Stool
Designed by COMPANY
Made by Linta-Kalle, Pitkäjärvi Finland.
Plastic, Fur (artificial), Leather

73 EUR
Designed by COMPANY
Made by Tam-Silk, Kangasala, Finland.
Sizes: 100–130 cm

Item I Didn't win

This would've been nice in the soon-to-be-configured playroom.

8' x 10'4"


top: Mommy with curly curly hair waving good-bye to Elsa and Daddy with just a little bit of hair because they're going on vacation to the Art Museum.

Moon and stars all around the moon but not touching the moon because that's my picture of a moon. No one else can have it. (check out that happy face!)


Originally produced by Danese in 1967 and now finally re-issued, Enzo Mari's il posto dei giochi is "to be set no matter where in a few seconds, to create an imagination break in everyday life."

Buy it now: $126 at Modern Child
Free shipping until Monday, September 29

Previously on Daddytypes: Paper or Plastic?
Photos: Design 01/05/1968

Kid O Products: Here and Now

The long-awaited puzzles and blocks from Kid O are available now. Continuing the tradition of Community and Creative Playthings, the Kid O lineup is designed right and well made.

The City and Country blocks are re-made based on the original Caroline Pratt design and licensed from City & Country School, which was founded by Pratt in 1914. In three sets (Foundation, Addition and Extension) for $56.00 each. The puzzles are sweet, especially the fractions (ships mid October) and arranging sets — and nicely priced at $15–20 each. I'd like one of everything.

kid o
123 W. 10th St.
New York, NY

Elsa — On Prince

While listening to Take Me With You, one of her many favorite songs, Elsa had this to say about the singer from Paisley Park: "I think that girl's sad. I think she's all alone by herself in a great big house."

A bunch of Prince videos here (MTV).

We will We will Rock you (To sleep)

by Lullatone

Take a look around Lullatone's site and flickr — there's a lot to see and hear, like their exhibition of homemade instruments and children's music workshop, Ouchi Orchestra.

Art Party

Elsa and I went out for a date last night. Dinner at Vietnam then to the opening of the Megawords Storefront. Mural by Isaac Lin.

Then she says "Oh, That's a good one."

Elsa's been rhyming lately.

Tea Key
Sun Fun
Sky Why
Coke Poke
Nose Rose
Jeep Keep
Cake Wake
Door Score
Table Mabel
Belly Kelly
Bench Wrench
Carrot Parrot
Cracker Jacker
Mostly Closely
Get Down Slow Down
Hallo-ween Sleep-ing

Those are some of my favorites.

Paper Rad

Paper Rad from We Made It at Second Gallery, 2006.

Our Message Here...

After a long week in the Intensive Care Nursery, Astrid's coming home today! We will be having a Big/Little Sister party tonight with balloons, presents and Rice Krispie treat sushi (thanks Steph). Elsa will be able to see, touch and smell her little sister for the first time (no kids allowed in the ICN).

Stephen and Shauna made the sign as part of their Your Message Here project. Thanks!

If I blog it, she will come.

We're having a baby. I'll report back in a couple days.

D-Day +2

We've done Indian food, long walks, yoga and everything else.
Suggestions for getting Elsa's sister to make an appearance?