Apartamento magazine issue #04 launches this week and includes Kinder: An Everyday Life Kids Supplement. Curated by me, with a coloring book by Andy Rementer, furniture-making workshop with Jordi Ferreiro, an interview with Enzo Mari, and Ye Rin Mok's photos of the things Geoff McFetridge made for/with his daughter Frances.


Based on "why is my boyfriend" by Mylinh.


The Learning Community Playground

At The Learning Community, a charter school in Central Falls, Rhode Island, students spent recess on an old parking lot until a fourth grader wrote to Lowe's asking for help. They sent $110,000. The new playground was designed by Laurencia Strauss... as "part playground, part park, part sculpture" to provide space for both active play and quiet reflection.

via Playscapes (one of my favorite blogs)

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