Plate for Dad

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Items I Didn't Win

Little sculpture, mom and two kids
1940s Champion Letter Sweater size 2
NOS Hanes long johns size 2 c. 1955
Vintage 2T pit crew coveralls

Bruno Munari's Bed Book

Libro letto (Bed Book) 1993
six cuscini di materiali diversi, 70x70cm

photo: Shift


top: Steel wall-mounted desk. Doors open to reveal sliding storage bins. Perfect size (38in x 18in) for a standard changing pad. €1750. bottom: Pilastro shelf unit is 25in x 18in and has a built-in lamp. "Drawers are a bit stiff." Perfect! It's child-proof too. €650.

Don't let the Dollar stop you: Bom Design Furniture

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Makeswell Makes Nice

Max's wife had a baby two weeks ago, and in her spare time she has managed to open a new etsy shop stocked with nice little collages and paintings. Awesome.

etsy shop: Makeswell

Max: Viewers Like You

It's a...

A little sister for Elsa, due August 25.