The kids stay in the picture

20 min.

10 min.*

8 min.

3 min.

8 min.

All photos: Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present — portraits by Marco Anelli. ©2010 Marina Abramović from the MoMA flickr stream.

*Five-year-old Spencer Silverman got a round of applause after MoMA security got him out of the chair at the request of his parents (who maybe should have gotten a few boos). After his sitting was asked: What were you thinking of while you were sitting? Answer: Godzilla pictures. Spencer later told his father that he could have sat for "25 more minutes."

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  1. Some backstory to the above photo. The people on the line were kind enough to let Spencer cut to the front for his sitting. As his father I felt that it was unfair to keep him sitting there when he waited only a few minutes for his chance to sit. Knowing Spencer he truly could have sat for quite a while longer.