Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter

Way up in the sky over the town
flew an airplane.
Brrrum flew the plane in the sky.
Brrrum, brrrum-ummmm.

Pitter Patter went the rain down onto the train.

And the train got all wet.

We gave Elsa her own umbrella last week. Since then, this book has been one of her favorites. "Pitter Patter" by Dorothy Baruch, with beautiful pictures by Charles Green Shaw. It's an early, spiral-bound board book — beautifully printed in four spot colors (yellow, blue, the salmon-y red and black. The black is only used for the text, stripes of rain and on the last page for the boy's galoshes and buttons on his raincoat.

There was a copy on abebooks for thirty bucks. And a version bound with another story, "Hiding Places", for half that. (Twice the books at half the price!)