Elsa's grandparents are taking us to Hawaii for Thanksgiving (!). Any suggestions for things see and do and places to go will be great. Elsa (two years old, a trooper, likes cheese, pizza and bacon) is coming too. All the guide books say don't take a kid to Hawaii, so any toddler-friendly ideas will be really great.


  1. we spent all our time at the beach. we got a condo about 50 feet from the beach, and just kept going there. occasionally we'd try to do something else, but it never seemed to work, and I can't really complain about hanging out on the beach.

    this applied for both Maui and the big island. but you'd be amazed at how quickly a 2 year old can get bold with the ocean. it was so fantastic to watch.

    have fun!

  2. this is probably way too late. go kayaking. going to oahu? there is a sunken beach (sandbar) off kailua. ask around, they'll know it. get your two yo a lifevest or even rent one of their little boats. the sandbar is great. a ton of fun.