We got a drum kit for Elsa's second birthday, but I'm not satisfied and we're sending it back. Any suggestions for a good quality "real" drum kit for a two-year old? It should have a bass, snare, tom and at least one cymbal. I don't care about the stool. A nice sparkly candy apple green or coppertone would be nice.

Oh, and feel free to leave comments, condolences or a rant about how awesome/stupid it is to buy a two-year-old a drum kit.


  1. a drum kit was at the top of my Christmas list literally every year while I was growing up. I'd flag it in every Sears catalog we got, to no avail.

  2. Toddler drum sets are cute but it cannot sound or feel anything near the big person acoustic set. samash.com is currently selling a junior Ludwig drum set for $260. It might be massive for your 2 year old, but it will sure sound good. And babies grow fast.

  3. here's my suggestions - http://en.woodbrass.com/product_info.php?products_id=30044&af=35
    or here - http://store.drumbum.com/skuDS-15.html
    i say bravo on the drum kit. we got our daughter one when she just just about two and she loved it. i would much rather a drum kit then a violin...which she broke in 1 sitting.

  4. sorry. my link did not carry over. http://en.woodbrass.com/product_info.

  5. i just saw this one from plantoys, a great company with mainly wooden products - not inexpensive but not cheap, either, if you know what i mean. as far as the kit itself goes - whatever interests you, will interest them. go for it!